New Tool Icons are difficult to distinguish, one from another, at a glance

After a month of using the new toolbar icons, I still have some trouble distinguishing between them. The old set was much simpler to see and understand at a glance.
It could be that the red dots are too pronounced and the shapes are too faded, not sharply defined. My eyes pick up on the bright red and I have to closely to make sure I am choosing the correct tool. The old set was much more effortless for me.
Just my experience so far. I do, however, appreciate the effort to keep improving this great software that I have come to rely on in my business.


See the following topic for a long discussion of the new icons:


I agree with Timmy boy

[Gosh I was just making a new post on this.]

Yeah, I know how much passion and effort was put into the new tool icon set for SketchUp, but I have repeatedly noticed I have to (visually) scan multiple times to find the tool I am looking for. I just find them quite difficult to quickly identify.

Anyone else find this?

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Co-sign here. Very difficult and it slows me down.

Turn lemons into lemonade. Icons are evil - use shortcuts, it will speed you up x10 times

Wrong assumption that we don’t use keyboard shortcuts. Leave the preaching at the door.


Perfect! Then enjoy the speed of shortcuts and suffer from pale icons. Yin and yang :yin_yang: