Is it just me, or are the logos hard to tell apart?

I’m probably late to the party here, but I’ve been trying to come to grips with the new icons for SketchUp, 3D Warehouse, Extension Warehouse, Layout, and Extension Manager.
I’ve been using SU & Layout almost daily since v3.0, and in a fast SU workflow these tiny icons are really hard to tell apart on the menu bar. Every time I have to wait for the hover text to make sure I’m selecting the right one.
I can understand the designers rationale of creating a coherent “family” of symbols, but shouldn’t efficiency be the priority on the menu bar? I’ve even taken to changing the default desktop icons for SU and Layout to clear red & blue symbols so I can easily tell them apart.

Please Trimble make the buttons easy to differentiate so we can work faster!

custom desktop icons


Sometimes usability does not take precedence over style.
Just like when you ask your wife e.g. about home furnishings… Or she prefer the red car, regardless of consumption or whatever.
. :grinning:

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I am having the same problem so it is just not you. Those icons are indeed very hard to tell apart and every time I have to hover over them to see the description to confirm before clicking.

I have deliberately separated the icons out on my toolbar as I find it easier to remember which is which that way.

The ones on the left deal with extensions (the symbol is like an X). The down arrow gives the clue to downloading from the 3DW and the right arrow to a “horizontal” shift from SU to LO.

If only there was a way to hack the code and change the icons, even if it was just the colours.

Sketchup team should consider changing the icons to make it much easier to tell apart. Also adding an option to show the function name next or under the icon will be very helpful.

relatively easy, rightclick on the in the applications (close SKetchUp first), open the tb_icons in an editor and save in this location, too.Then start SketchUp again.

Sounds interesting … where is located?

Thanks Dave. But I can not find the file tb_icons in the Images folder! Any idea?

Yes I am looking in the folder and I can see many .SVG files but can not find the one tb_icons! Unless that files is related to Mac, which file names represents 3D Warehouse and Extension Warehouse?

Nevermind, Dave. I installed SVG thumbnail shell extension and now I can see a preview of the .svg files to help me locate the one I want to edit.

The problem was that some of the files name in that folder dose not match the name of function. For example 3D Wheelhouse is named tb_getmodels.svg.

What else should it be called ( looking_for_model_and_then_decide_that_you_wont_need_them_afterall_it_is_quicker_to model_them_yourself.svg ?) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Maybe tb_3D_warehouse.svg :grin:

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So now I modified the icon CorelDraw and when exporting it to .svg file, I get many options.

Any idea which options are compatible with SketchUp? Or do I need to try all one by one?

I tried different combinations of the .svg export and still icon doesn’t show in SketchUp!

Can anyone help?

Well that’s another color, too. Besides being against the Eula to modify the program, ‘hacking’ also means trying different things etc. Maybe it’s a little more difficult on Windows.
Many moons ago our Polish or Czechish colleagues made their own translated version of SketchUp (there was a dutch version, too)
Now, they have their own.
You even could make a dark theme…

For those who might try this on Mac, the icons there are pdf’s not svg’s.

I edited the SVG in a text editor (not familiar with CorelDraw) and I get this…

Screenshot 2021-08-02 203605

Are you sure you have exported from CorelDraw correctly ?

I have also been experimenting with the different options for exporting svg from CorelDraw and found the only one that kind of works is shown in the attached screenshot. When I say “kind of” I mean it makes it a little larger in the toolbar (see 2nd attached image). I can’t work out how to make it smaller yet.
NOTE: the screenshot shows an export 300x300mm but the icon I did was actually only 3x3mm. I think the original icons are 24x24pixels, so this might be best option.

BTW I also could not find the tb_icons folder until I realised that it is only on Mac. Windows stores them in the Images folder.

custom icon

Thanks …I used your settings and it worked. To overcome the resizing problem, I simply draw a box around the icons and made it invisible then I exported the icons. Here is what it looks now:

And here what the box looks in CorelDraw in wireframe view: