File icon differentiation

Here’s a really silly little suggestion (well, not that silly!).

When you look at a list of SU/LO files in a file explorer, there is an icon to its left indicating the type of file. At the scale these are normally displayed, the difference between SU and LO files are not obvious. In my case, I often name an LO file the same as its related SU file (makes my life easy), so I then have to rely on the icon or the “Kind/Filetype” column to identify whether it is SU or LO file.

If the LO icon were a different colour (blue say), you would be able to identify the filetype at a glance and without scrolling back and forth in the file explorer dialog box.

Is this what they call a first world problem??

It has already been requested that differing SketchUp versions get different color icons. The answer was that the particular red, is an “official” product identity / logo feature, and will remain the same across versions.

I suppose you could tweak it on an individual machine basis, but it would be reset each time you ran an update package.

Moral of the story: You can’t fight the marketing department.

Simon, you should turn on show all filename extensions in Finder >> Preferences

.skp and .layout are pretty distinct…

failing that you could re-color the icons for them…



Yep, I guess that would do it. Looks a bit “busy” though. Can’t have everything.

I use icons on my skps…

Maybe a major version number overlay on the icon would help.

On PC.
Since you are only ever going to be updating the current SketchUp version - at the moment v2016 - then you should leave that as it ships.
Change the icons for earlier versions manually - you are unlikely to want to update or reinstall those so your custom icon set will be safe.
The issue is that SKP files are 'shared by several exes ?

I have this issue and it slows me down. I’d love a color difference between Sketchup and Layouts.

A whole different color would probably be quite problematic as the color is an important part of the brand and helps differentiate the the files from files connected of other software. What could be done somewhat easily is to change the ratio between red and white areas in the icons to easier differentiate them.

As @john_drivenupthewall illustrated earlier in this topic, if you have a bit of facility with a Mac icon editor you can customize both the app icon and each file’s icon. I have no idea whether the equivalent is possible or easy on Windows.

I concur with the original post. The icons are confusing.

Speaking of icons. Why did they change the “follow me” icon?. The new “ish” icon is the worse.

All toolbar icons were changed in SU 2016 to be vector graphics, not raster, to look clean regardless of pixel scaling. I can agree the edges got to thick on the new one.