.skb icon has changed

My Windows 11 Explorer has decided to display my skb files with the same icon as my skp files and I can open either with a double-click. I see this as a problem but I’m not sure why; I’m not keen with working in the skb file simply because I happened to open it by mistake and I don’t know if the work is backed up to the skp file.

And I can’t tell how many times I’ve opened the wrong file with all 3 looking the same to my old eyes; I’d like them to be different colours.


Explorer does not do this by itself - you must have yourself opened a SKB via Explorer, leaving the “Use this application to open all files of this type” box ticked. I think you can remove the file association via the same “Open with…” path.

Appreciate the help thanks Anssi, I’ve fixed it; I assumed that SU had thrown me another bug but that wasn’t fair.

I would still welcome a change to make the SU and Layout icons less alike.