SKB file problems SketchUp Pro 2015, Win10

I messed up and have now got a very annoying problem with all of my .skb files.
Some weeks ago I had to open an .skb file (for the first time ever) and accidentally ticked off a box that asked 'do you want to open all .skb files with this app’
I ticked yes without realizing the implications of what I’d done it and the result has be that now ALL my .skb files also have the same icon as regular sketchup files. This makes it real easy to open the wrong file since they now have same icon and name.
Is there a way to reset this so that .skb and .skp files don’t share the same icon?

Any help will be most welcome!

Look for instruction on removing file associations. I found this which would help. Be careful, though.

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That did the trick, thank you very much!:grinning:

Also v2015 is not regarded as wholly compatible with Win10.
You really ought to upgrade to v2016 [or newer when it’s available]…