Cannot recover SketchUp model from .skb file

Hello everyone,

I have encountered a problem with opening model I have been working on for a few weeks today. Before rebooting the whole system I saved it on my USB stick, but it somehow got corrupted, so I ended up with two versions of model that show the error message during opening and 2 backup files.

The real difficulty now is that two .skb files along those models saved today and yesterday also don’t seem to work when I rename the extension from .skb to .skp and also change the name of the file.

I know I should have backed it up earlier and properly, but it happened before my final deadline, so the struggle is real. I looked through different posts and didn’t seem to find any solution to this problem up to date.

Is there any chance that backup files got also corrupted somehow?

I could not attach the troubled files with this message for some reason but I can post the link for wetransfer:

Thank you for your help and understanding beforehand



I couldn’t open any of your files either, I tried making a few changes to file names/extensions to see if that helped which it didn’t.

Can you provide a little more info on how you may have corrupted them and what other earlier files you may have of that model?

I am wondering if it is a Windows 10 issue with a recent update - I have had an unusual number of corrupt files in the last couple months.

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