How to change my Skb file to it own icon


Hi everyone I want my Skb file extension get back in to default icon because I have open it with sketchup.exe so when I open sketchup file it show me two sketchup icon which is can make confuse. Any help?


Rename it changing the b to a p.


I found it useful to assign the skb extension to open in SU viewer. That way, you can see what’s different in the file without risk of editing it by mistake.


On Windows 10, remove the skb association via the control panel

Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Default Programs\Set Default Programs

Select Sketchup, then ‘Choose defaults for this program’

Deselect the .skb


I want to change it to default skb file, if we change b to p mean we change that backup file to sketchup file.


thank you so much, I’ll test it


If it’s already skb why do you want to change anything? What are you expecting to accomplish?


It shown me sketchup icon because I use to open with (sketchup.exe) and confuse to tick (by default), It make me confuse because both (skb) and (skp) show the same icon. Sorry for my bad english


If you set the folder to sort by file type that shouldn’t be a problem. All the skb files will be together and all the skp files will be together.


It could help. But can we change it back to skb icon?


Thank for reply

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