File thumbnails?

Hi all,

Just upgraded from 2016 - 2017.
Noticed that the saved files have a thumbnail image as an identifier. I don’t personally find this to be a help. I generate a lot of .skp, .ps, & .ai files per project & keep them on my desktop initially to save time.
I rely on file icons so I can quickly scan the desktop landscape to locate & arrange files by type, etc. The use of the thumbnail as an identifier makes each file look a bit different, & it’s a bit distracting.

Is there any setting or method that would allow me to replace the file thumbnail with the .SKP icon for all saved .SKP files?

I am running a late 2013 IMac & Yosemite iOS

Many thanks in advance for any help or advice!!


do you realise how many people have been begging for Thumbnails since they were removed from SU v8…

for your ‘Desktop’ go to Finder >> View >> and uncheck show icon preview…



Thanks for the advice.

Didn’t realize that thumbnail previews were something that had such a demand.
Honestly, I wasn’t trying to be critical of the use of thumbnails. I have been using Sketchup professionally since 2005 (SKP5) & seeing icons is probably more of a personal preference, based on a workflow I have been using for quite some time.


I was just taken aback by the request…

originally it’s was a user selectable preference called ‘Custom Icon’ and they had a much smaller image on landscape ‘page’, many people turned them off…

since those were removed, I’ve written at least 5 plugins to ‘Add Icons’ with 100’s of downloads…

code could be used to remove them from all skp’s, but in your scenario, I’d just use Finder…