Thumbnail does not appear


I would like to know why the thumbnail preview does not appear in mac yosemite!!!

Thank you!!

if you mean this?

the ones with the ‘pin’ were available up till v8. the others are made using a Plugin/Extension…

hi john!! i downloaded the add icon extension, but i can only make the thumbnail one by one. Is it right???

There is a batch mode where you select folders to convert…
it can take a while for lots of skp’s, I tend to do <100 at a time
Look in the ‘Help’ menu, or on the Toolbar…
there are some gif’s here and at Sketchucation…
skp’s work, but the Layout code needs fixing for Yosemite [ I’m doing it now…]


thank you very much john!! it worked just fine!!

The single mode does give you a much better quality image, so after each run if you scroll the Dialog window and find any that are rubbish, click on it to open in SU, find a better view point and use the single mode to update it…