Icon thumbnail image missing

Hi All

I’ve just installed SketchUp Pro 2015 on my new iMac OS X 10.10.5.
When I save a File the Icon thumbnail view is missing. There is no
preview / image on the Icon as in previous versions.

As suggested in this Forum I’ve downloaded “Add Icons” v 1.0.2 and
installed it in “SketchUp-Preferences-Extensions” & Restarted the
computer. However this did not solve the problem. I still end up with
a white rectangular icon with no image.

Can anyone help
Cheers Jan

I believe you have to cause the Add Icons to process your files before you will get the icons. It has options to do just one file or to batch process a lot of files. Have you done that? @john_drivenupthewall is the author. Since I just @ linked him, he will likely chime in here to give you specific instructions.

Hi slbaumgartner

Thanks for replying.
I haven’t processed the “Add Icon” extension. I am not sure how to
do it. I hope that @john_drivenupthewall will be able to help me
walk through the process.

Cheers Jan

Hi Jan,

unfortunately, native SU ‘Custom Icons’ vanished with v7 or v8 [can’t remember] …

my plugin allows you to make your own while working on a model or use the ‘PC’ one that is in the file using ‘batch mode’…
it’s not auto run because some people have a few and others have 1000’s, I decided it was best to ask which folder you want to process, rather than scan your entire hard-drive…

can you confirm if the basic’s are working by opening any model and selecting ‘Add Icon’ from the ‘File’ menu?


here’s a gif of me updating one…

Hi John

It works!
The basics are working. I can now create an image icon.
It has a red stripe on the top and bottom of the thumbnail image.
I am still not sure how to batch process though.

Many Thanks
Cheers Jan

the red stripes are to ;show; that your window isn’t square…

Apple needs square icons, so to maximise the detail you can use the toolbar to make the window square first…
when finished, click it again to reset to your normal window…

I used red as some testers liked to keep the window shape but instantly know it was SU, and not an image file…

there is a batch mode gif on Sketcucation…
Edit: the gifs too big I’ll do another…

Hi John

I can’t thank you enough for your help.
I’ve been able to achieve a lot today with the “Add an Icon” tool.
It works well. I found the “Toggle Square Window” tool does not do what it says.
It resizes the window into a panoramic format to fit the screen.
It does not matter how many times I toggle the Tool it still remains
in that format.

My main aim was to be able to produce icons with a preview image
on it. This you have done and once again I am truly grateful for
your help.

It’s now 3 in the morning in Australia so I’m off to bed.

Cheers Jan

glad it helped, PM me at skechucation re toggle square when you get time…

you probably have the ‘cascade new windows’ pref checked?


I was just searching for this thumbnail issue, as I am surprised Sketchup files have no preview icon in OS X. Do we really need to install a 3rd Party plugin for this? Seems a bit nuts…

Also I note this page (http://help.sketchup.com/en/article/115415) states:

Document icons
Your SketchUp documents can be saved in such a way that they contain a thumbnail view of their contents. This feature can help you quickly organize and locate your files in the Finder.

So how do we enable this feature?


sadly that article is old, we haven’t had that functionality since before v8… [@Marc can you confirm ]


As far as I know it’s been broken as long as I’ve been here (~3 years). We’d like to get it implemented but it just hasn’t gotten done yet.