Thumbnail view missing

Running mac os 10.9.5. How to get thumbnail view to my new documents as last year running SU 2014?

SU hasn’t had those ‘Custom Icons’ for mac since v7, there is a Plugin/Extension that can ‘Add Icons’
The current version may not work in batch mode on your mac, but adding icons from the File menu works on all versions I’ve tested…
It’s at the [SketchUcation Plugin Store][1] and is called ‘Add Icons’

I wrote it so moan to me if it fails…
[1]: [Plugin] Add Icons [for all SU files on mac] • sketchUcation • 1

Thank you John!
Yes, the script does make thumbnails as you said. What might have been the reason for dropping this feature. It is a very handy when you have lots of documents being produced over many projects. Shame on Trimble!