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Has anyone ever got Sketchup to explain why you can’t view their files as icons in Mac like you can on a PC? It’s a nightmare not being able to view what you’re trying to open or import. In support they say they’ll try to help…but then don’t reply. On Twitter they say it’s a problem on my Mac - which I don’t believe is true…

It usually works on my iMac, running Sierra. But not for all .skp files - some show a model image as icons, some don’t, and I can’t see a ready explanation for the difference between them. Indeed, checking just now, a file may show an image of the drawing on one occasion when I view it in Finder, then show blank at another time, even when others in the same folder are showing as images.

I thought perhaps it depended on which version of SU had last saved the files, but it’s not that simple either. I vaguely remember that it is comparatively recent that Mac showed SU as an image at all - within months rather than years? I’ve only had a Mac about 18 months.

Perhaps it’s time to institute a logical file naming schema.

How Finder lists items that are sorted by name — Apple Support

Not massively helpful… I do of course have a file naming system. But how to remember which is which if e.g. you have several iterations of a model whilst you design, or many many models you can choose from to import, lots very similar as you are working repeatedly on interior design schemes.

Now imagine being able to open the folder and SEEING them all.

That’s what you get in PC. I want it to be available to everyone in Mac too.

Hope that helps you understand the situation more easily.

Thanks. I haven’t been as lucky! Am working on a Mac Pro, fully up to date with Sierra etc, with SU pro 2015. Mine never show as images, just as names. Hard to believe:-
A. It’s not as good to use Sketchup on a Mac as it is on PC
B Sketchup are happy about letting everyone just have to struggle by in this way
C Sketchup don’t tell the truth about it.

on v15 for mac Icons were not produced, v17 has them…

v15 also has other issues on Sierra, a quick search will show, Text, LayOut are both affected…

I wrote an extension Add Icons that runs on older versions of SU and OSX but it may not work in Sierra or higher…

if you have updated to v17 and are not seeing them, the most likely cause is the icon size setting in Finder…

they revert to the generic file icon under a certain size, dependent on your screen resolution…


@john_drivenupthewall, I remember you made a little script to run in the Console that would batch open and save older files to create the thumbnail images. Do you still have that. I couldn’t find it.

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it’s all in the Add Icon rbz at SketchUcation…

the batch mode is in the Help menu and on the Toolbar…


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Thanks guys. It sounds like it is best to upgrade to SU17… appreciate your help and the information. Best, Elaine.

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