SketchUp file icon lost


I have lost my 2016 SU file icon and all files are now larger, unrecognizable images (see screen shot).
How can I can my SU icon back? I have a Mac OS.


turn them off in the Finder << View Menu…

the image is your last saved view, so if it’s blank that’s how you saved it…

the Image has always been inside SU, so file size is unaffected by the ability to view them…



Thanks. I am talking about the SketchUp symbol on my desktop. It has always been the case that the SU red and white icon showed up on my desktop or in a folder. The screen shots show that the red and white SU icon is not appearing. I would like to know how to get the icons back.


sorry you don’t believe me…

in the View menu click Show View Options…



Thanks again. Sorry I misunderstood you. But I cannot find Show View Options in the View menu. Are you on a PC?


no need to be rude :slight_smile:

click on the Desktop so the Top Menu changes to Finder, go across to View and Click, in the dropdown list it’s second from the bottom…

or Click on Desktop and press ⌘J for the shortcut…



Thanks very much.