Pro 2020 Export Resolution

What happened to the ability to increase the export resolution (see screenshot)? My 2D image exports are pretty pixelated, and I can’t boost the resolution at all.

Suggestions? Thoughts?!


Except for the addition of the Line Scale multiplier, image export settings are as they’ve always been. You can change the image size to whatever you want. There’s never been a setting for resolution, though.

LayOut does have that option, though.
Screenshot - 4_8_2020 , 8_38_43 AM

Simply increase the size of the image by increasing pixel count values for height and width


That’s good Julian but it doesn’t do anything to change the resolution that you can’t do with the native image export feature.

If you need to work with another application that requires the DPI to change, you can set the size to something huge, then use an image editor (Photoshop or Gimp for example) to change the DPI without resampling the size.

The export DPI is 72, so if you want to print something at 300 DPI to fill A3 paper in landscape, set the export to be 4959x3507, then in Photoshop change it from 72 to 300 DPI.

You may not even need antialiasing if you do it that way.

For the harder case of exporting to a PNG that you intend to zoom into a lot, export at 9999 (the highest value). The DPI won’t matter, but antialiasing will help a little.

If everything is vector you can export to PDF, then zoom in as much as you like.

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And the resolution setting even gets written into the exported file (tried only PNG, though) so that it is recognized by, for instance, Photoshop.

The ability to change the resolution of the export image has gone in skp 2020 pro. Simply increasing the pixels doesn’t work as it doesn’t improve the quality of the export image. It is important to be able to export hi-res images sometimes particularly if these are taken into Photoshop and then high quality render produced, such as an artist impression. Suggest opening the file in SKP 2017 and using the feature from there as this version does allow you to alter the image resolution.

The image export in 2020 (and 2019, if I remember right) has a new control, together with old ones. The “line scale multiplier” determines the amount that lines are thickened in the export to make it look more like the image on screen, especially when used with Sketchy Edges styles. If you want the thin lines as in the older versions, set this to a low value (perhaps the 0.25 minimum) and use a standard style. The Antialiasing setting also affects the line quality but I guess that you already knew that.