Exporting high quality 2D graphics in SketchUp make for Mac

With older PC versions of SketchUp I used to increase the pixels or DPI in the options portion of 2D export. It seems the new version of SketchUp make for mac does not accept this? I change the numbers to increase quality but the output is still small and poor quality.

Is this a limitation of the newer program? Are there ways to get better than 72 dpi out of make?

It seems like the “Resolution” box in the Options box for exporting images is not working as expected. It is supposed to work in tandem with the image size option and should have only allowed one or the other option to be entered. Currently, the “Resolution” box has no impact on the quality of the image, and in fact, this option is not available on Windows version of SketchUp.

Since SketchUp exports a digital image the DPI does not apply to it. Instead, the number of pixels decide the quality of the image. So, to get the desired resolution image on the paper, use the paper size and the ppi to get the pixel size. For e.g. if you want to print a 300 PPI on a “Arch D” paper then the image size should be set to 30024 X 30036 pixels, OR 7200 X 10800 pixels.

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+1 to what @yogesh said. It’s the actual number of pixels that matter. The DPI property is just an indication to printing software of what the original intended size should be. But most of the time this is overwritten by the user anyway.

That helped a lot! thanks.