Render to 300 dpi

Hello everyone … I’m a new member !!! my problem is that I can not make render 300 dpi !! I tried all resolutions by the output command but are formed at 96 dpi jpeg !! you can help me???

What rendering application are you using?

If you are talking about exporting images from SketchUp, then the actual pixel count is all that matters. The DPI value you see when you open an image file in, for instance, Photoshop is just a number that some page layout applications can use when determining the initial size of the image when you place it on a page. It can be easily changed. SketchUp and most rendering applications do not save this value when exporting images, so, when you open it in an image editor it interprets the missing value with a default that is 96 DPI in Windows and 72 DPI on a Mac. These are mostly just historical remnants.

If you need an image of 4 x 5 inches at 300 DPI, set its dimensions to 1200 x 1500 pixels and that’s that.



I use vray … so I should manually enter 1200x1500 ?? because in the default settings are not !!

then insert: width height 1500 1200 r and automatically makes me a photo at 300 dpi ???

As said, forget about DPI. DPI depends on how large you place the image on a layout or how large you print it.


ok thanks a lot then imposed the format you have told me and I start to do render 1200x1500

That was just an example. You will have to calculate the size you need yourself depending on the size and use of your desired output.

BTW, what we are talking about here is actually PPI (pixels per inch), not DPI (dots per inch). The latter is a property of hardcopy output devices and refers to the density of ink dots the device can produce. Usually printers produce colour output by a process called dithering, that is by placing different coloured dots side by side. Thus, except for the colour sublimation process, the maximum PPI needed to produce the best possible output is typically half the DPI of the printer.

The Photoshop documentation used to have a better explanation of the concepts than I can give.


I suppose this is a difficult one as you need to know what is PPI, DPI, Resolution…all the technical jargon.

Technically, you can make any image 300 DPI just using image editing software such as photoshop.

Find “Image Size” under “Image” Menu.

Uncheck “Resample” and change the resolution to “300”

Then you have a 300 DPI/PPI image.

There is no setting in Vray that you assign how much of DPI you want.
All images are going to be output as 72 DPI. You have to change the image elsewhere.

DPI and PPI are relative to how you view the image: (I can’t really think of better way to explain this concept)
The size of the painting physically stays the same, but one may view it up close which makes the painting seem larger than who is looking from far away.
PPI and DPI is only telling the machine how close you want to view it from.

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Hi, i’m exporting a lot of 2D Graphics from SKUP, but everytime I export I have to select option and type 300 dpi. ANY way of making 300 dpi default. SKUP 2017 - Mac 10.14.05. ANY HELP WELCOME THX

DPI is only relevant when preparing an image for traditional print, where dots per inch (dpi) is about how small the ink droplets are. Like Annsi has stated several times, DPI is absolutely irrelevant when exporting a digital image.

If you want to get a high resolution image output, set the pixel dimensions to be very large. It’s as simple as that. If you want to adjust the actual DPI for print at that point, just bring it into your photo editor and adjust the size and resolution accordingly.

Ok, these will be for print media and I have 144 of them to do I want to export straight out of sketchup and print at 300 dpi. Is this possible.? thx for the QUICK responce

You need to find out what size they’re printing at (e.g., dimensions in inches) and what that translates to in pixels for 300 dpi at that size. For example, a 7x5 photo at 300 dpi is 2100x1500 pixels. A 10x8 at 300 dpi is 3000x2400, and so on.

So yes, you can export directly out of SketchUp and print at 300 dpi. Just export at the right size, and then set to 300 dpi in your image editor, if you please.

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