Su podium printing 36” x 24”

I have a render that will need to be printed as 36” x 24” (300dpi). I changed the setting in SU Podium to Custom size and put 10,200 x 7200- however after I render it and put it into Photoshop, it has it set at 72 dpi. Desperately looking for help! TIA!

I think it’s just that there must not have been any info about the 300ppi with the file, and Photoshop just assumes 72 as a default. In Photoshop you can select Image->Image Size… and set the file to 300 ppi with resampling unchecked. The total pixel dimensions should stay the same.

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 10.49.50 PM

The number of PPI doesn’t really matter till you print it anyway, so it’s more theoretical than anything.