Private Collection on 3D Warehouse

If I have created a private collection on the 3D warehouse, can I use the “embed” code to make a model viewable on a web page?

When I try it, I get the following error: “There was an error displaying the model. OBJECT_NO_ACCESS: Access to Entity with id ‘0800df6f-cd12-4c79-ba83-1365fc1ef5c9’ is forbidden”

I want to create a collection so that I can embed views on a web page but do not want others to be able to download the model. Thus the private collection. Is there a better way to do this?

Then it would not be private.

Think about it: Firstly, how should 3D Warehouse distinguish whether someone is viewing (or not) the model on 3D Warehouse versus viewing it embedded on another website? Second, users who rely on their private models’ confidentiality would not be happy if an attacker constructs the corresponding embed code and leaks their private models.

The whole concept of the 3D warehouse is about sharing models, the private setting is seen as temporarely, ‘so you can make changes’ etc.
You might wanna checkout :

Thanks guys - your replies are what I thought.

I have messed with Sketchfab but not ready to commit.

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