Model public but download blocked

I would like embed a 3d model in my website page but want to block download.
If i turn the model private, i can’t embed in my website page.

Can you please tell me how, you have embed 3D model in your website ??

I use the option embed from 3dwarehouse. And works very well.
Look this picture below.

It’s likely there isn’t currently a distinction between “private for viewing” and “private for download”. If I’m right you may not be able to do what you seek via the 3D warehouse.

Before Trimble buy SketchUp did not exist the embed function but had the option to block the download. Why exclude that?

I think that’s something to think about.

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Yes, we’re not quite on feature parity since porting from Google. We continue to work on adding features, and this is filed as a feature request. Thanks.

Yea file it! I do have same question and really want that option back

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