Where is embed option in free 3DWarehouse Version?

Is the embed option a paid feature? I am not finding where to embed my model I uploaded to the free version of the 3D warehouse. Thanks! PS Saw some old posts with outdated sceenshots of old UIs which didn’t help.

Are you referring to this Embed option?
Screenshot - 12_19_2019 , 1_27_14 PM

Thanks for the reply! I don’t have or see that option… are you using Free? I’m in Chrome…

I just opened the 3D Warehouse in Chrome and picked one of the models shown on opening. As far as I know that’s not tied to the SketchUp version I’m using. Looks like you have your model set to be private accrding to the lock icon after the name. That would prevent it from being embeddable. Try making it not private and see what you get.

By the way, your profile indicates you are using the 2015 free web version which never existed. Perhaps you could correct your profile.

Ahhh, that is likely it re Private, many thanks! I am using 2015 Desktop Sketchup! :slight_smile:

I just looked at your website and I see a link to the model in the 3D Warehouse.

So put that in your profile.

By the way, considering your commercial use, you need to be using SketchUp Pro or Shop, not SketchUp Make or the free web version.

Ah yes, thank you… was planning to upgrade, but just testing first. I appreciate your fast and good replies!