Printing issues


I’m not clear as to why a number of my documents are coming out pushed to the right side of the page, even though I’ve centered them on the printer window. There’s no extraneous items outside of the desired print area.


Could you share a screen shot of the print setup? Is this your diagram from earlier?


I’d be happy to, but I’m clear on how to do that.


no, not from earlier.


How to do what? Make a screen shot?


Yeah, I’m a Mac guy on a PC…


Look in the Start menu for the Snipping Tool.


then what?


You should be able to use it to make a screen shot of the Print Setup window and save it somewhere. Then upload it like you uploaded the SKP file earlier today.



OK. But that doesn’t show you print setup window.



As I told you in the other thread, set the camera to Parallel Projection and then set a scale in the Print Setup so the entire drawing can be displayed on one sheet. Again, you should be using SketchUp Pro and LayOut for this. It’s a whole lot easier and you’ll get much better looking work. You need to get on your boss to spring for the license.




The entire display is printing, but is still placed on the right side of the paper.


What do you get if you hit Zoom Extents?


Good Morning and Thanks again for your help Dave.

To answer your question, I get a full screen, like the screen shot I sent before.
Yesterday, on one doc, I did a CTRL A (all), then de-selected everything I knew I wanted,
then hit delete. That cleared one document to print SEEMINGLY ok, but still, everything is placed
on the right margin.