Printing issues- printer not available warning

error code- printer not available. printer set as default printer. can print from other programs i.e… excel Sketchup 2020, Windows 10, laptop. driver has been updated. Hopefully not an issue due to licence as I have purchased a subscription. Never an issue previously, Sketchup is a great program 10 yr + user

When you installed SketchUp 2020 did you right click on the downloaded installer and choose run as administrator? If not or you don’t know, close SketchUp and LayOut and do it. When the options are presented, choose Repair.

What is the printer? Are it’s drivers up to date?

Hi Dave Thank-you for your quick reply. Double clicked, permission to run as admin. HpDesignjet130 updated driver, reinstalled printer.

Are you advising to remove sketchup 2020 and reinstall?

Thanks again


Double click wouldn’t get you to Run as administrator. Right click…

No. I’m suggesting you repair the existing installation.

Trying now

Ran repair – same error message; printer may not be available

Looking at the HP site that must be an old printer. The system requirements don’t even list windows 10. The latest drivers are from 2015.

Maybe @colin has some ideas for you. I’ll turn it over to him.

But what if I don’t want it…

One thing you could do is export as PDF, then open the PDF in any Windows program that is able to open PDF and print it. See if that prints ok. It would at least rule out any issues with the printer.

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Thanks dave, it is old , last driver was 2015 . Hope I’ m not obsolete as well. Hope you are safe, all the best

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Hi Colin - thanks for your reply. I did export a pdf and tried to print, no error code but no results. Will try in a windows app as you suggest. Will check back in when at office tomorrow 8am EST.
Thanks for your help. I real appreciate this forum, especially during this crisis. cheers gentlemen

sent pdf and it did spool, no error, printer doesn’t seem to be error source?

Spool sounds like a print server term. The image ended up on paper?

I am not sure about direct from SketchUp to printer issues, or even who would know a lot about that. If as a worse case you exported to PDF until you like what you see, then use another program to do the actual print, would that do as a workflow?

i guess that is my only option. buying a plotter today isnt. appreciate the help, take care

layout 2018, windows 10, this just started with mine, I have been using this system for 3 years. this will not recognize setting my hp 8740 as default and when I do print to it, large flat areas will be black (the floor in the floor plan). Print preview looks fine, print to pdf works fine. all other programs print fine tried to uninstall/repair no option.
Thanks, Todd

Hi Todd
Last resort is to create a jpeg and print . Try a driver from a newer version of your printer.