Not printing at all

I am not able to print anything from sketchup and I have no idea why, not able to print preview, not able to print to pdf, nothing. The printer works fine, and I am able to print from office no problem, but nothing from sketchup. Please help!!!

Can you take a screenshot of the printer settings?

Would need a lot more information, the info you have provided it quite vague. What type of printer, type of OS etc. the more info you give the more somebody can probably help you out.

Can you print from the browser and more apps then office?

Since you are able to print from other applications, I wonder if the problem could be that SketchUp is opening the printer dialogs off screen? There have been other reports of that kind of issue, especially when a user has displays with different resolutions. I’m not a Windows expert, but maybe one of the many here who are can tell you how to get all the dialogs back on screen.

I have this problem a lot with Photoshop, usually when I have been going between using one and two monitors. Usually a quick refresh of the screen properties and a restart fixes it and brings the floating windows that are trapped on the second screen back into one window.

Off screen floaters can be brought back by first getting focus on the dialog, ie: clicking whatever should activate it. Then hit Alt and Space together, then m, then tap any arrow key, then move your mouse around without clicking until the wandering dialog appears on your screen attached to your cursor.


I’m running windows 10, hp wireless printer. I’m able to print from all other programs and browsers, just not sketchup. It was working fine a few weeks back and suddenly nothing. I’m sure it’s something simple.

Running on a laptop with no other screens. The print preview screen will popup, however, its a blank page.

See this post and check out the settings on your computer.

Have you considered ticking the box for ‘Current View’ or ‘Scenes’?

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