Printing in LayOut wider/longer than 200 inches?



I have a Canon iPF670 that can print 24 inch wide rolls as long as I want. I have my page setup with 324 inches by 24 inches, but under Document setup -> Paper, I am limited to 200 inches in both the width and height fields.

Any way to increase these values? I would like to print out plans for my entire table at 30’ long in the future…


I am not sure but I think the size limitation is the same as for PDF files (about 5 x 5 meters), and, in practice, applications are limited to even smaller. At work I use a similar approach to yours when printing from CAD to send to our service provider. To get 900 mm x 3000 mm prints I have to reduce the accuracy setting in Adobe Acrobat, otherwise the print fails.



So you’re saying scale my image down 50%, send it to acrobat, make a page in acrobat my desired dimensions and double the scale?

I’ll give that a whirl… But I am really disappointed SketchUp/LayOut limits the input values at 200! That’s a very dumb limitation…


I’ve been using LayOut since its first release, participating on this forum as well as at Sketchucation for years and yours is the first request I’ve ever seen to allow setting a paper size so large. I can’t believe this is a problem for very many users.


I imagine it’s not. Most steel companies use plotters and print directly onto their fab tables. I’m trying to save a good $10,000 for now until I can afford that by using a cheap CAD program and scroll printer to get by. It doesn’t make any sense to limit printing to 200" for no good reason, if one user can benefit from longer prints, why not change that limit to 1000"? It seems like a dumb printing limitation to me.


Is the limitation coming from LayOut or from Windows? Does Canon’s printer driver let you specify a page size that big? (We have a similar printer at work but I never need to print larger than what is comfortable to handle) Have you tried printing directly from SketchUp?



The limit is coming from LayOut specifically. I can only make a page in Layout to put drawings on 200" tall or wide. The Canon printer has no limits to paper length. I haven’t tried directly from Sketchup, I would be afraid of scaling, however that is something I may try. Thanks Anssi


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