Printing to roll paper

How do I get the settings right to do a printout of my full size templates for stair parts?
I have a 24" printer, and my drawings are within 600mm x 4000mm. I can´t find a setting for “infinite” length of the paper, though there is a setting for roll paper. The only setting I find for width that matches the paper roll is A1, but then I get the limitation in height for a A1 sheet.
There is also the problem with the program wanting to divide the drawing into 2 in the print width, though it should be able to fit into one printout.
Wy is it that Trimble/SketchUp doesn´t fix all these printout problems that so many seem to deal with, can it really be that hard?? My suggestion is that you make a print out tool; simply put a shaded movable mask, or frame, in the size of your preferred paper over the area you want to print and bang, you´re done! Insted of fiddeling with the screensize and going back and forth in the print previewsettings, and zooming in and out for ever… (+wasting tons of paper!)
Please help me out! /Petter

The print options come from the printer drivers so look there.

I would suggest that you use LayOut instead of trying to print directly from SketchUp. It’s much easier to set up the thing to print to scale. Then export a PDF file and print that.

Thanks for your quick response!
There is the same limitations in Layout for the papersize! But I will look in the printer options though I doubt that the problem is there…

How do you come up with that? I just set up a page that is 160" long (enough for your 4000mm model) and 24 in. wide.It worked as I expected it to.

And exporting it to PDF is no problem at all.

Great, but how did you get the top papersize box empty? (to the left of the landscape radiobutton)

By typing the custom paper size into the Width and Height windows.

Ah, -but you need to close the window before it disappears! How simple things can ruin a day… Now I might get on- thank you ever so much! But I still think the printout section in SketchUp could improve!!

Why does it matter if that window is blank anyway?

Since LayOut is the paper space stuff, I prefer to do my printing from LayOut. I never print directly from SketchUp.

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