Printing Failure in SketchUp 2016

Every time I attempt to print from SketchUp the program crashes. Anyone know a fix?

Not without more information. SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Make? Does it crash no matter what the model is? Does it crash no matter what face style you have selected? Do you have Hardware Acceleration enabled or disabled? Can you print with Hidden Line selected? Are drivers for the graphics card up to date? When it crashes do you get a Bug Splat? Are you sending them in if you get them?

Hi Dave
SketchUp 2016 NOT pro
Yes, no matter which file I use or area of the drawing I choose.
As far as I know the hardware acceleration is enabled and has been from day one.
This problem just began yesterday. Up to then I had no problems.
No, there were no updates immediately before the problem started.
I am not sure what you mean by “Hidden Line”. All items in the drawing were open, nothing hidden.
Yes, drivers for graphic card are up to date. (last update was 60 days ago - I checked and there are no new updates available)
No Bug Splat, just a

Something went bump in the day and the program dropped.
OK, about the bug slot, yes, in fact I do get one.
When I file the error, the response is simply, Sorry, you Crashed.
I have sent in four of these.
Just tried it again thinking that I was attempting to use an auto save copy, same result.

Ok. Since this only started yesterday, you need to determine what on your computer changed. SketchUp 2016 did not change so that reduces what you need to look at. Perhaps a Windows update. Since you are using 2016, try turning off Hardware Acceleration and see if you can print.

Hi Dave

OK, shut down the accelerator, I think.

As far as I can tell from the logs, nothing changed on the computer between the last good print and the current problem.

I have determined that it is specific – at least I believe so – to one drawing file. That means there is something in that file that is doing this. (Brilliant deduction number 2 for the day)

After turning off the accelerator thingie I rebooted the computer.

I can now print from all the other skp files so it must be this one file. Since I have completed the project related to the file the smart thing here would be to just delete that file (Brilliant deduction number 3 for the day)

Thanks for spending the time to help, Dave. I probably would not have done some of these things without your help. Much appreciated.



Hey Clyde,

I’m glad you got something to work. I wonder what it is about that one file. Could you share it before you send it off for recycling?

Hi Dave

Sure. I have attached it to this email. If that was the wrong way of doing it, let me know. I will not dump the file until I hear that you got it. It is 2004KB. This is the file that is not liking me.

One other thing not related to this issue; I bought SketchUp Pro 2014 and used it with great success. Then did not have need of it for about 8 months. When I went back to use it again, I was told that my license was not valid or maybe it said that the copy was not valid.

I was under the impression that I have bought a forever copy of the program. Was that incorrect?

I am using 2016 right now because it is the only one I could get to operate. Of course it does not have the cool things that my Pro 2014 had and I miss some of them. Is there a way to get my 2014 Pro back? I am an amateur user and use SketchUp for NOT FOR PROFIT organizations such as Amateur Theatre set design and my current project for the Alberta Pioneer Railroad Association so do not make any profit or income whatsoever from the use.

Thanks for the help and keep smiling.


PS – I really like SketchUp vs. AutoCAD even though it does not particularly like us mechanical types. :slight_smile:

Paint Caddy Final2.skp (1.96 MB)

The Pro license should be good for that version for as long as you own it. Is it possible that perhaps it was telling you that the support period had expired or was going to expire? You should have still been just fine using it. There is an annual support period which, if you renew, gets you continued tech support and also entitles you to upgrade to the newest version of SketchUp.

As for getting SU2014 Pro back, do you still have the installer file you downloaded back then? You’ll also need the serial number and key which would have been sent in an e-mail. It doesn’t look like SU2014 is available for download anymore.

You might go here and see what the cost would be to upgrade to the current pro version. Maybe it’s time to start over. I think you would find having LayOut very useful for the stuff you do.

I got the file. I’ll send it to another computer with a printer connected and see what I get.

Hi Dave

No, nothing on the computer now for SU2014. I deleted it all when the server said that my license had expired. It may indeed been only the support. I will see if I have the printed copy of the download data. Is there a way without that data to fine my license at SU?


Hello again Dave.

I found my license number and authorization code for SketchUp Pro 2014. Can I get my program back with this or is that not in the cards?

What would be the cost to upgrade to SU2016Pro?

Thanks for the help.


SketchUp 2014 pro is no longer available for download from Trimble. The oldest version they list is 2015. See: Download All | SketchUp

Generally they only sell the current version so you would be getting SU2017. See this link to find out how much it would cost for the upgrade.

It crashed for me too.

Try this:
Open a second instance of SketchUp
Copy the portion you want to print and paste it into the new file.
Printing to scale (1.5” : 12”) from the new file worked as expected.

Here’s the result:
Paint Caddy Front.pdf (143.0 KB)

SketchUp certainly is user friendly.
Nonetheless, it doesn’t take kindly to the improper use of its Layer system.
The model you shared exemplifies how not to use Layers in SU.

Active Layer Error

Set the default Layer0 as the Active Layer and keep it that way.
These video tutorials explain why.

SketchUp Training Series: Layers

SketchUp Training Series: Components

SketchUp Skill Builder: Tip for Editing Components

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Ah, now I see. Thanks for the tips.

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