Printing directly from Sketchup


I have been using Sketchup for several years, but never enough to get proficient at it.

I have tried to print from it many times, and usually it prints a lot of pages that are useless.
I have been simply taking screen shots and pasting them into a word doc and printing from there.

Today I managed to print a couple of shots from sketchup. Not entirely sure how that happened… I went print another drawing and it only shows me a blank page.

Are there any simple steps that will help me accomplish this basic task.


You probably need to get the hang of using Zoom Extents to get the model to fill the drawing window as much as possible before you print. Then select Fit to Page. You might find it useful to adjust the drawing window shape to more closely fit the proportions of the paper.

If you are going to use images imported into some other program, use File>Export>2D… and export images instead of making screen shots. You can make higher quality images by exporting.


Thanks for your help


See this article at the SketchUp Sage Site:


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