Printing 1:1 Template on multiple pages Mac 12.0.1

I am an absolute newbie with SketchUp but not in imaging. I want to print a 100% size template across 4 sheets of 11x17 paper. I have read some posts on the subject and can imitate the crashes:) Is there a straight forward way to do this on a Mac with SkechUp? It appears that SketchUp is very architecturally orientated and they don’t have much interest in 100% templates so it works out that this simple operation is your basic hassle. So far I have coped out and create a 2D image in SketchUp and scaled/resized it and print it from Illustrator. Perhaps I am using the wrong program since architectural presentation drawings are a secondary interest for me and modeling objects my primary. Any advice, suggestions and links are greatly appreciated. My Best, g

Yes. This can be done without crashing LayOut. If I were doing this I wouldmake a paper size that is large enough to show the thing at 1:1, export the PDF and then use Acrobat Reader’s poster print option. You can also make the four 11x17 pages with copies of the viewport on each page. Shift the viewports for each page to show a different part of the object. Adding registration marks in the model will help with that.

If you share the .skp file I’ll make an example for you.