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I’m a woodworker and I’d like to print a 1:1 scale print even if it means multiple pages to use as a template. It isn’t obvious to this newbie but is there a way to do this?

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Yes. It can be done. I assume you want to print directly from SketchUp. Take a look at these old tutorials I did. They still apply. The first one should get you what you need and although I show it on the PC, it’s similar on the Mac.

Printing Templates
Printing Patterns

If you need to do a lot of this sort of thing, you might find it worthwhile to use SketchUp Pro and LayOut. Making scaled drawings for printing is a whole lot easier in LayOut.


I have searched this print template 1 : 1 scale several times in the past. The solutions do not seem to apply to Mac OS. So here is the Solution I have developed:

snail fountain-template.pdf (484.2 KB)

In general once 3-d design is realized-- we need to ‘flatten’ it into 2-d plans. Then these are put onto ‘paper’ back-rounds with white faces (reversed faces) so they do not use up printer ink. Then the grouped flattened parts are are arranged on the paper.

Folks then add ‘target marks’ (I just line up my lines) to register the pages printed to the next page, for multi-page templates.

Now I bring the file to Layout on an plain template (just white paper)- and from the one scene in the sketchup that shows all the still scaled view.
Then double click on the view-plane and use’pan’ to get the first template page to print.

Now set the scale of the view-port–

Then duplicate the page in layout-- and repeat the pan of view-port to get next template

Continue the ‘duplicate page’ - re zoom / pan - get the next template. When all are set, mine took six pages.

Happy full size template printing – Jim


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Looks like you’re working too hard since you are using LayOut to print the template. You shouldn’t be double clicking on the viewport in LayOut to zoom and pan the view of the model.

Hello there DaveR-- the step details work for me-- including the idea of creating pages to print from one sketchup scene- and then just moving the view-port with pan to create there next page to print in layout.

Is there an different way you recommend?



I’m glad it works for you. Your description of your work flow indicates you are going to more work than you need to. You also shouldn’t need to

As long as you are happy with the result, that’s fine.