Still having no luck with native 1 : 1 scale printout on MAC


I tried this nice series of steps on my IOS system :Version 19.3.252

When I try this It just blows up in a very strange way.
  1. I change the Document setup in mac to print scale 1" drawing and 1" in model and then uncheck Fit view to page

2). view and camera set to parallel and top

  1. goto print : then the pages are wrong in the thumbnails - and when I return to my workspace the drawing is all corrupted

what is going on here



Are you trying to print from SketchUp? Are you adjusting the dimensions of the model window accordingly? Can you share the .skp file?

Why not use LayOut since you have it. Doing this is LayOut is simpler and doesn’t require any gymnastics.

Please complete your forum profile with SketchUp version, etc.

here is my .skp file
GM sprial.skp (213.8 KB)

So you have modified the camera and other settings in LO. I reset those and set the scale to 1:1. The spiral runs off the paper because the paper at 8-1/2 x 11 is smaller than the spiral.

With the paper size set large enough, there’s no problem fitting it onto the page at full size.

Edit: Apologies. I didn’t catch that you are trying to lay this out on multiple pages in LO. Although that can be done and I can show you the right way to set it up if you really need it, it’s easier to set up the thing on one page and export to PDF. Then in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader use the Poster print option to spread it across multiple sheets.

Reset in LO: 11 x 8.5 and scale 1:1


set paper size in LO to larger than my 1:1 template – good

here I can’t seem to complete. property in my printer system does not have ‘Poster’.

As I wrote:

Dave: I found on another thread this comment by you:
'Are you mainly thinking about creating full size patterns for templates and such? Create a scene or scenes showing the part of the model you’re interested in. Make sure you set the camera to Parallel Projection for the scene. Save the SKP file and send to LO. In LayOut set the paper size as appropriate so the pattern will fit on one sheet. Set the scale for the viewport to 1:1 and position it on the page. Drag the edges of the viewport as needed so you can see the entire part. DO Not double click on the viewport. Add dimensions and other notation if you want.

Once you have the pattern laid out, export a PDF file. Open it in Adobe Reader or Acrobat. Use the Poster print option for printing it across multiple sheets’

I managed to download an Adobe Reader (free and installed fine). Then followed the ‘poster’ set up. By gosh-- it works.

Thank you Dave – I’ll keep studying these things and report my progress.

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Don’t sound so surprised! If @DaveR says ‘do it this way’ it WILL work.

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I’ve been on this problem for several years now…there are a lot of steps to get together.

Yes-- Dave knows