Printing at 1:1 as template for woodwork, using SU Pro 2024

hello gang, want to do printing at 1:1 as template for woodwork, using SU Pro 2024; have read Matt’s 2020 post about this item. But print setups and defaults have changed, could use a good guide. Available fir layout as well

Printing to scale from SketchUp was removed in 2023. LayOut has always been better for doing that anyway.

Create a scene with the appropriate standard view and the camera set to Parallel Projection. Save the file and send it to LayOut. Choose a paper size that is appropriate for the size of the part(s) you want to show at 1:1. Select the viewport on the page, choose the scene in the SketchUp Model panel if it isn’t already shown and set the scale to 1:1. If needed, drag the edges of the viewport to show the entire part.

Here’s an example from a recent project.

If you share your .skp file I will make an example for you.

BTW, please update your forum profile. It shows you’re using SketchUp 2021.

Dave, nice to connect again. I’m adding a new cyclone to my shop vacuum, and this shelf will hold it above the vacuum. figured there’d been a change in the print function since 2020, and want to bang out a pattern. a layout setup to print it would help me gat it done without the research. a sip file is attached. Thanks.
New Dust Cart Shelf v1.1 With Dims.skp (3.4 MB)

Hi Robert,

I made a quickie full size pattern for you as a PDF using LayOut. I didn’t do anything with the dimensions in the model. SketchUp dimensions don’t really translate to LayOut all that well without some gymnastics. Using LayOut’s Dimension tool will yield better looking dimensions anyhow. I did choose a different style to eliminate the sky and background colors.
Shelf.pdf (15.7 KB)
This is designed to print on Arch D paper. You can use the Poster Print option in Adobe Reader to print it in myltiple sheets on letter sized paper if needed.

If you want a quick demo of how to do this sort of thing drop me a PM.

Thanks Dave, Used the Adobe Poster print option and it worked beautifully, will have to update my layout drawing and learn how to set up p[oster print in layout when I have a chance. print is dimensionally perfect.

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You’re welcome. Just for fun I redrew your pattern and then added some dimensions in LayOut. Since it is symmetrical I just show half of it on the sheet so it uses less paper when printed.
Shelf redux.pdf (8.8 KB)

Thanks, designing as a half plan is a good idea, But still want to learn how to print as multiple sheets, like Adobe poster, in Layout, still not clear to me. Hope you’re well,. abt time to start boat work here.

FWIW, I did model the entire thing. I just chose to show only half of it in LO so it would fit on a smaller sheet. Here I’ve dragged the bottom edge of the viewport down to show the rest of the model.

You would still do the printing from Adobe Reader or Acrobat after exporting a PDF. You can see here that this one only requires six letter sized sheets.

Don’t print directly from LayOut for something like this.

Doing well here. The only boats we have now are an electric-powered pontoon boat and some kayaks so not a lot of boat work here. I sure don’t miss having to refresh the bottom paint or monkeying with the Diesel engine or bending the sails. Good luck with your boat work.