Layout and print for simple woodworking template

New to sketchup. I have watched videos and searched this forum but can’t find how to print multiple pages with the new 2024 sketchup and layout tool. I have found answers for previous versions of sketchup. I have a simple woodworking template that I would like to print on a scale of 1:1. That would be 40" wide and 52" high.

Create my object
Create a scene
Front view, parallel projection
Save file
Send to layout
Select template as letter portrait
Document and page setup set to letter portrait
Select Object/Scene
Set to Raster Mode, Auto
Front view, Ortho, Preserve Scale
Select scale as full size (1:1)

At this point the I don’t see my object. I have resized the space as well as the paper in the document setup and can find my object by scrolling. Once I set my scale I saved and tried to export to PDF. When I increased the page size in layout I also tried to export to PDF in the hopes I could use Poster when I print. In any case no matter what I try layout will only produce 1 page.

I am sure I am missing something simple or just did a dumb thing. I will attach the layout and sketchup file if anyone is willing to take a look. Any help appreciated.


New table1.skp (132.0 KB)
New table1.layout (102.1 KB)

Create my object
Set Camera to Parallel Projection
Choose the appropriate standard view
Zoom Extents
Create a scene

Save file
Send to layout
Select template as letter portrait
Document Setup>Paper: set to paper size appropriate for the size of the object. In the case of your model, a custom sized sheet of paper is required.

Select viewport and set scale as full size (1:1)
Drag edges of the viewport to see the entire object in the scene.
Center the viewport on the sheet.
Open the PDF in Adobe Reader to print.
Select the Poster Print option

In LayOut it looks like this.

Screenshot - 5_6_2024 , 9_08_51 PM

In Adobe Reader:

The corrected SketchUp file
New table1.skp (22.7 KB)
The corrected LayOut file.
New table1.layout (50.2 KB)
And the resulting PDF
New table1.pdf (1.6 KB)

FWIW, best practice is to avoid doing anything that modifies the scene’s camera properties for the viewport in LayOut. If you set up the scene correctly in the SketchUp model there will be no reason to modify the camera in LO. No need to manually select Ortho because that comes with the scene and no need to manually tick Preserve Scale on Resize. It will get ticked automatically when you choose the scale. Also no reason to do anything in Page Setup for this.

A couple of FWIW things.

You could also send the PDF to an office supply shop or someone else that has large format printers.

It is possible to set up the LayOut file as multiple letter-sized pages each with a different part of the pattern on it but it would be quite time consuming and tedious to do.

At least for the pattern you shared, it might make more sense to just make a dimensioned drawing of it at a smaller size and print the single sheet to take to the shop. This is at 1:8 on a single letter-sized sheet. Easy enough to layout the pattern full sized from these dimensions.

Obviously a full size pattern is better for more complicated shapes. There are full sized patterns on this plan which is set to print on Arch E paper (48 in. by 36 in.)

Herreshoff Drawing Table Plan

Dave sorry for the late reply. Thanks you so much for all your help. Things worked out great. You are generous with your time and your patience is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again

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No worries. I’m glad it worked out for you.