Print Problem - Fade Rest of Document setting

When I have this un-ticked (so I can actually see what I’m working with) it prints in Black & White only. No colours, no halftones.

It’s messing with my workflow significantly.

Is this unexpected behaviour and something I can fix?

…or am I throwing it on the pile of Sketchup and Layout requests that seem to be fundamentally at odds with how things works and nothing can ever be done about it?


If you have the checkbox Hide Unticked, the rest of the LayOut document will fade (according to the slider setting) when you edit grouped LayOut-entities.
(You can basically group anything: lines, rectangles ,text, scaled drawings etc.etc.)

It should not have effect on the printing, at all, so there must be something else going on.

Most of the times, graphic card related, so, maybe updating the drivers will have impact.

The team is constantly improving, I think, haven’t you noticed?
Off course, focus always seem to be at things we don’t have…

I do have the latest drivers for my GeForce 1050 Ti.

Absolutely appreciate the ongoing work you and your colleagues do to lift the standard of my investment.

I will say however, that the SU and Layout major releases (Annually) don’t come close to the changes that should be happening for $1k program. The only concession I can give is that it’s not a monthly subscription type license so if times are tough, i can ride things out before upgrading to a new version.

Some major components have gone backwards to the point of being utterly useless ie: mapping image quality.
The functionality of the program in regard to efficiency and stability should be second to none, given that the feature-set is largely populated by open-source contributors.
But it’s not.
Single processor support.
Very slow and heavy when dealing with large pages of Vectors.
Frequent Crashes and pauses
Basic features are inadequate such as text formatting.

I rely on this program so i am thankful for anything you do. Please don’t get me wrong.
But I think Trimble have light-years to go before they can say that they take this program seriously.

I am no part of them. This is a user forum

Were did you get that? :

This is off topic

(Still) refering to the decaprecated Add Location? There are plenty alternatives…

I like the idea that the enduser can choose which functionality he wants, instead of paying for things you do not use at all…

There is not a single 3D model engine that has multithread support:

CPUs and Multithreading

Back to the OP, I still don’t understand this part:

can you share (small) example File were you see this behavior?

There are no multithreaded 3D modelling applications on the market. Some use multithreading for things like photorealistic rendering, but for modelling, no. As I often tell, back in about 1995 when the Pentium processor was released, together with dual processor motherboards, Autodesk promised an imminent release of multithreaded versions of the modelling engine in AutoCad and 3D Studio Max. About 25 years later, we are still waiting.

Try opening a model with, say, 500 000 edges and faces, with SketchUp 8 or LayOut 2 (not to say anything about SketchUp v.3 which I started with) and you will see the difference. I don’t say it is perfect, but it certainly hasn’t degraded.

I wonder what is wrong there. My desktop computer no longer fulfills the minimum requirements of SketchUp (not enough video memory) and yet SketchUp doesn’t crash (knocking on my head/wood)