Print preview not working for print to scale

Print preview does not work in 2017 for printing to scale

What does happen? Can you share the model? Screenshots of what you are seeing? Screenshots showing how you’re setting things up?

Not sure u are getting the pix. The print preview page does not respond as it should even tho I have followed proper steps to print to scale

Start by making sure the printer drivers are up to date. Go here:

Did that before this post, spent 2hrs with HP techie

It has worked before for you?

I have printed to scale with different SU versions and printers.

Including SU2017? SInce it hasn’t changed for more than two years, you should look at what has. It’s a stretch but you could try reinstalling SketchUp. Make sure you are logged into Windows as your normal user then right click on the downloaded installer and select Run as administrator. When the option is presented, click on Repair.

I have 2016, it works but my drawing is in 2017. I have reloaded 17 in the passed week or so

This thread may be helpful … Printing to scale to use as a template

I will try reload of 17 again is there a way to send 2017 drawing to 2016?

Is the camera set to Parallel Projection ?

Yes all settings are correct

Yes…while working in SU 2017…save as…drop down menu…Version 2016…and use a file name that includes V2016 to be sure you can find/open w/SU 2016


Thanks everyone, I was able to move the file to 2016 and it prints in scale just as advertised. I still can’t print to scale in the 2017 and 2019 versions.