Press P opens website Sketchup sometimes, instead of Push/Pull

Why is it that sometimes i press P for Push Pull, the website of Sketchup is openen?, how can i solve that, it’s very annoying

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Which website is opened exactly? This one : , or what else?
Are you still using SU 2019 as your profile saying?

Maybe you shortcut assignment ruined up somehow ( perhaps by one of your extension/plugin).

You can check your current assignment e.g. by installing this Extension:

What does it show when you run it? Do you see duplicate assignments?

This one is opening:

I see nothing weird in my shortcuts


The , is assigned (hard wired) to F1 button as default… can it be that you press it accidentally?

You can try to reinstall SketchUp by right click on a downloaded installer file, chose Run as administrator, and when prompted chose Repair.

You can try the Reset All button at SketchUp Preferences>Shortcuts, then restart SketchUp .
However in this case you need to define again your custom shortcut. (If you print out the list of shortcut before Reset, than it would be easier…)

Thanks for your reply, i haven’t had the time yet to answer, sorry.

I will look at your suggestion, i’ll let you know if it worked.