Sketchup 2024 opens the help website when pressing P after pressing another key

Hello everyone. First of all, thank you in advance for your help and advice on this matter.

I just upgraded to sketchup 2024 and realized that after I press “P” for push/pull, the help website for Sketchup opened itself. I thought this was weird and it didn’t happen all the time. A few days later I actually found that it only happened if I pressed the key right next to the P, before actually pressing “P”.

Meaning that I first pressed “[ {” (to the right of “P”) and pressed “P” right after, the help website opens.

This is weird since it didn’t happen before when I used Sketchup 2022, it gets annoying since I press that other key quite often since I don’t look at my keyboard when I’m typing or using shortcuts.

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same behaviour here, looks like a bug
I can reproduce with french keyboard AZERTY so the key next to P is ^
I can’t reproduce while having US keyboard layout in windows

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Same here. I noticed this a few weeks ago, but I thought it was just a random bug. Congratulations on discovering the trigger for this behavior.

Same, cannot reproduce with US keyboard on Win10.