Preferences dialog box under Window menu

In Sketchup pro 2019 in the dialog box called “Preferences” under Window menu, the “Extension” tab does not appear, which would in principle allow you to install the SketchUbication Tool to download plugins.
Will anyone know how to solve this situation?

A few days ago I asked in this forum if it was safe to download plugins, however the plugins that have interested me: “Joint PushPull” or Shape Blender or even Curvuloft, etc., are not compatible with the 2019 Su version. I will be doing something wrong?

Thank you

Look down the list under Window for Extension Manager. This is where you install etc.

Extensions was moved out of the Preferences panel and put into its own, as RLGL indicates.

Push/Pull, Shape Bender and Curviloft are all compatible with SketchUp 2019. Make sure you have installed the current versions of them and aren’t copying them over from an older SketchUp installation. If you are getting any sort of messages indicating that Fredo6’s extensions are not signed, you don’t have the current versions installed. CLF Shape Bender will show as “unsigned” but that does not equate to incompatible.

Get Joint Push/Pull and Curviloft as well as the current LibFredo6 from Sketchucation. Get Shape Bender from the Extension Warehouse which you can access through the Window menu in SketchUp.

Also make sure you have the current version of SketchUp 2019 installed. A maintenance release was made available last week.

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Thank you for all the information provided.

After installing from SketchUbication the extension libfredo6 continues to be unable to use the Curviloft extension, which already appears in both Sketchup “Extension Manager” and SketchUbication “Extension Manager”. It is strange.

How can I install the current version of SketchUp? I have a license obtained on 03/2019. Today when I started Sketchup appeared a message asking if would like to install the latest version. I press YES, but when I reopen the software it asks again the same question assuming that the current version was not installed.

Thank you very much

You need to install the latest LibFredo6 version, (v8.8a, you have version 5.0a.)

Also, it’s SketchUcation, not SketchUbication.

See pinned topic …

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Thanks for the answer.

After installing the new version of Sketchup 2019 the situation does not change and I can not find reason for the Curviloft extension to remain inaccessible.
Consider that (see image below) I have updated all plugins associated with Fredo6.

The JointPushPull extensions appear only accessible as toolbars, in fact it does not appear in the Extension Menu (is this usual?).
I wonder if Curviloft is located somewhere that I do not see?

Actually everything is as shown in the figure. The problem is solved.
Thanks again DaveR.