Power plug : Hole going inside the wall


Please excuse me English is not my first language and I am unsure if I am using the correct words and terms here. I’d also like to say that I have did my best searching on Google to find a solution but came up without any results.

In 3D warehouse I spotted electrical outlet component by “Frimi” called " electric outlet and switch for light": https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/u9f712afd-3b46-4d43-a113-f8085b370ca3/electric-outlet-and-switch-for-light?hl=en

Basically the power plug’s hole is burried inside the “wall” in the model. When I copy / paste it and place it on my walls, my walls cover the hole part of the plug.

I looked at layers, outliers etc. to replicate this with my walls but I have no idea how to do this.

Without literally drawing a circle on my wall and cutting through, how can I make the wall plug’s hole visible on my walls please?

Thank you so much I am really getting depressed over this as I can’t figure it out and it’s been over an hour.

The component may not have been properly created as a “Cuts Opening” component.

Before such a component is saved, it must be oriented lying flat on the ground plane (which is the “cutting plane”.) You then move the component up or down along the blue (Z) axis so that the ground plane intersects the geometry where you want the wall cutting to happen. Then in the save dialog set the “Glue to” property to Vertical.

When this kind of component is inserted into a model, it will seem to be lying flat when attached to the cursor. But whenever you move it near a vertical face it’ll flip up into an upright position and get “sticky” to the vertical face.

Hello. Thank you for answering me so quickly.
Honestly I do not understand your message in completely. I guess it’s because I lack certain SU skills.

However you provided me a starting point.
I “exploded” the object. Then re-made it a component and made sure to tick “cut open” option, which I did not even know existed.

I got exactly what I wanted and I will watch training videos to learn more about cut opening.

Thank you very much once again.

@DanRathbun those components are correctly defined with “Cuts Opening” and “Glue To” = Any, so they ought to work. I think the problem may be with expectations.

@sketchyupper have you read about “Cuts Opening” components and do you understand what they do?

For starters, these behaviors take effect only when you drag a new instance onto the model from the components window or if you copy/paste an instance that is already glued to a surface. Secondly, the cutting action is only through the immediate surface on which the instance is glued. If your wall has multiple surfaces, the instance will only cut the first. Additionally, you will be able to see the hole only if the component has transparent or open spaces in it to see through. In this case, the electrical components are completely opaque, so you can’t see the hole. Finally, the hole is a sort of illusion. It doesn’t really exist as geometry in SketchUp and will disappear if, for example, you hide or delete the instance.