Possible to create an object that exists ONLY in the current scene?

If I need an object to only be visible in 1 scene, I know I can tag it and exclude it by tags from other scenes. But now I need to go through the scenes and disable the tag.

But is there a faster/easier way? Some method to create an object that will be pre-emptively hidden from other scenes? Or maybe I’m not aware of a method of hiding a tag across all scenes?

@DaveR previously answered a similar question, in which he gave general tips I’m sure! He also pointed to this extension:


With that you can make a new tag, much like you described, but you can also set it to be hidden in previously created scenes.

Auto invisible layer plugin is a must for my workflow.

Auto invisible layer only works if you have it on BEFORE you create the tag. After the fact, there is general sketchup way to copy paste the tags of one scene to the other scenes but i recall it slightly tricky. There is a youtube video covering it somewhere.

Alternately, sometimes I just create a new tag with auto invisible on/off as needed then delete the first tag with the wrong setting and have its contents automatically moved to the new tag then rename back to the original if needed.

Or Colin, maybe im wrong on that after the fact part?