Duplicate Tag with Scene settings?


Just wondering if there is a way with or without a plugin to duplicate a Tag with Scene settings (Visible/Not Visible)?

I tend to create many scenes for my projects and occasionally need to add a Tag that will end up having similar visible and not visible Scene settings as an already established Tag, but with a few variations.

It would be nice if I could right click on the Tag and select “Duplicate Tag with Scene Settings” And then just change the two or three Scenes that vary.

I currently use the “Auto Invisible Layer ON/OFF” plugin when I want to create a new Tag that will be Not Visible in most of my Scenes and then just turn the Tag to Visible for the few Scenes I need.


Check out Curic’s Scene Manager. It might be of use, it has a dozen features you can synchronise/disable/enable through filters.

Make sure to download the version from his website, because the version on the SketchUp Extension Warehouse is older and lacks some new features.


I will check that out. I did message the developer to see if the plugin has the feature I’m looking for. I’ll post an update once I find out.