Possible Layout Text Editor Bug

This has been occurring for as long as I can remember - with previous versions also.

If I select some text to change it’s font the adjacent next character that is not selected changes to the new font.

As you can see – once selected, the space after the character 4 also gets selected even though I have specifically placed the caret directly after the 4.

This only seems to happen when selected with the mouse – if I select with the arrow keys, the space after the 4 does not get selected and the next character’s font does not change.


I can duplicate that, too. @adam?

More likely related to the texthandling of Windows, I guess. Leading or trailing spaces are common when selecting (serial) numbers or passwords from pdf or webpages and cause a substantial part of support cases.

If I am understanding the case correctly, then this does not seem to happen on Mac Layout 22.


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