Font issues

Hey all,

Just went thru a new computer upgrade. Opened up a few different Layout files and the fonts were clipped and couldn’t figure out why.

Finally realized this morning that I had failed to import the font package I use. Closed all the documents and import that fonts. When I reopened the Layout files the fonts did not update back to their original state.

Is there a step I’m missing? Lots of text to manually update…

When you opened them previously did you choose to replace the font with whatever was on the computer at the time. If nothing else you should be able to do a Select All on the page and change the font for all the text, labels, and dimensions in one step.

Was trying to do that with the right click context popup…nothing there.

Opened up the font window and then was able to mass select and apply the right font.

Wasn’t given an option to replace fonts when I first started. It just did it on its own.

***and may I take this moment to ask Trimble to make the font panel a side bar panel for the Mac and not a stand alone panel? And the color/texture panel as well?