HELP! Typing a number changes the Page in Layout

I have been editing symbols in Layout and now suddenly I can’t type a number without the page changing. For instance, I need to change a call-out to be A2.2. When I click into the symbol group and try to edit the text, suddenly I jump to another page. I was able to edit a bunch of symbols on another page before this started to happen. Did I accidentally change a setting? I checked the shortcuts preferences and there is no shortcut using numbers to change pages.

Num Lock, perhaps?

I had caps lock on but no number lock. I switched to another page and the problem stopped for now. Very weird.

I have had this specific problem happen a few times in Layout 21 on Mac. The pages pallet captures the input focus and won’t let it go. Even when clicked out of the pages pallet and working entering text elsewhere, any number acts as a shortcut for that given page (which is normal behavior when the pages pallet has focus). My fix has been to change tools repeatedly and in one pesky case to close and reopen Layout. It’s not normal/correct behavior, and you’re not crazy.

However it has not happened to me since updating to 22.

Yes, this happens to me too, completely at random. My fix is to minimize the Pages dialog box. That seems to stop it but it will start again when you enlarge the box. So, rather annoyingly, you have to keep minimizing and enlarging the box.

If this behaviour doesn’t exist in SU22, I guess it ain’t going to be fixed retrospectively in SU21.


Well I am using SU2022 so clearly it has not been fixed. When it happens again, I will try minimizing the pages window. Thanks for corroborating my experience.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: