Odd Layout behavior

Something odd has started happening with Layout.

I have a drawing with a number of pages, one of which is entitled Roof. If I am on a different page and start typing anything starting with letter R anywhere, I am immediately transported to the Roof page. I first noticed it when trying to rename another page Rafter Layout. I can type “after Layout” but if I try to add the R, it won’t accept it and I am again taken to the Roof page. It is almost as I have inadvertently invoked a shortcut I didn’t know I had.

Any ideas?

I wasn’t able to replicate this behaviour Simon…

I’m not sure I can either. I have never had it happen before.

I did check the shortcuts and R was still set up for Rectangles, so it can’t have been that.

Gremlins in the works…

I have had issues where a page name is ‘highlighted’ in bold blue instead of the typical grey, and I couldn’t arrow up/down to move geometry, it would change pages instead. I can’t recreate the issue but it has happened to me more than a couple of times. I wonder if you had the ‘blue highlight’ syndrome and it was sorting for an ‘R’ named page.


I have definitely experienced this with the latest Layout. If the pages window is selected in blue, Layout interprets key inputs as shortcuts to existing pages, even if that text is being entered into an active text box on a page. So if you type the number 2 the you are whisked to page two. The only solution I have discovered is to click into another pallet to deselect the pages area. I do not know how the Pages area gets selected in blue, it appears so far to be random and I can’t recreate it.

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Just fought this same battle with Layers highlighted in blue. Couldn’t move geometry selected in the work area because it would just move which Layer was selected. Had to close the Layer window and reopen to get it off of it. (Clicking in another window didn’t cause the blue highlight to go away.) Any update from those that know?

It happened to me again yesterday. It has all the hallmarks of a bug in the latest version.