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Im running 2018 and have noticed that the layer selection seems to keep switching to the bottom layer in the layers pallet. Its a multi page layer. Has anyone else noticed this? I’ll be working away on a drawing in LO and then when I go to add a dim or a note I find that my layer selection has changed to the bottom (multi page) layer. I don’t think I’m clicking on it by mistake and have never noticed this in previous versions.

Im trying to work out whether it keeps switching of its own accord (maybe a bug?) or if its something Im doing?

Is there any key command for switching layers - can’t seem to find one? Just wondering if I’m inadvertently clicking something and switching layers by mistake.



Ok - so I just went to have a look for a PDF file in windows explorer and when i switched back to LO I saw it flip layers from a single page layer called ‘annotations’ to a multi page layer called ‘on every page’. I didn’t click anything in the application, just clicked on its icon in the task bar to switch from explorer to LO.

Is this a bug? I keep working away and then finding that all my notes or dims have ended up on a different layer to the one I wanted them on - quite annoying.



I haven’t seen this. It makes me wonder if you installed SketchUp and LayOut correctly by right clicking on the installer and selecting Run as administrator. Weird things happen when they aren’t installed correctly using Run as administrator from the installer’s context menu.

Hi Dave,

Thanks. I reinstalled recently because I was having issues with my pallets / plugins not saving correctly. I uninstalled (using windows uninstaller) and ran as admin when I reinstalled. Could it be that the windows uninstall didn’t remove everything?

Yes. Typically the uninstaller doesn’t clean up old registry items. There would be other files left around, too.

When you reinstalled, did you just use your normal login and click on Run as administrator in the context menu?

I uninstalled, then reinstalled with right click ‘run as administrator’. It resolved all the issues with pallet positions not saving but when I opened SU up it had saved my plugins so I figured the the windows uninstall didn’t really remove everything. I’ll try stripping it all out again - is there a better way to uninstall (to be sure everything is removed) rather than just going to control panel and uninstalling? It seems it didn’t catch everything last time…

Extensions/Plugins, custom materials, styles, and components don’t get removed in an uninstall because they are in a User directory, not a Program directory. That’s by design. If you want to remove all the extensions and plugins you installed, go to User/App Data/Roaming/SketchUp…/Plugins and delete the contents. It’s a hidden directory so you’ll have to set File Explorer to show hidden folders. Unless you suspect you have some roque extension installed (unlikely) and want to start fresh, you shouldn’t need to wipe them all out.

Great - thanks for confirming DaveR. That will save a lot of time having to set everything up again. I’ll try a more thorough uninstall method (having a read around now), reinstall again with ‘run as admin’ and keep my fingers crossed.



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I’ll have someone from the team investigate as well - we did a bunch of work to make sure that LayOut behaves better when you switch to a different application and then back to LayOut. It would be very helpful if we could get a copy of your file and get specific instructions to reproduce the issue.


Ok Marc,

I have’t had time to try DaveR’s fix yet and have noticed the issue on several files over the last few days. I’ll wait till it occurs today and send you a .zip of the SU and LO files over. I’ve noticed it when switching back to LO from Acrobat and Windows Explorer. If I keep the layers pallet open, when I flick to the LO window I can see the layer selection jump to the bottom layer which is a multi page layer. As I said I’ll send a file when I come up against the issue again today. Can I send it direct to you - these are live work files and I’d rather not share them on the forum if possible.



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