Layout Pro 22 keyboard commands in layout not responding

After working in layout for a little time, my keyboard commands - such as using the up/down arrows do not work - and then I find that it is moving the cursor over the last thing I used in the tool bar.

For example, I may have changed the line weight and then I want to move the image or a label on the layout page with the up/down arrows, but instead I notice that I am moving up/down the line weights. I can’t click out of the tool bar onto the page - it seems stuck there. I can do other things with the mouse, just not with the keyboard commands.

The same happens with the copy/paste commands on the keyboard.

To sort this out, i have to save and close layout completely (not just the file I am working on) and restart Layout. This is happening a lot, hence why I am now reporting it as it is wasting my time.

I am using MacOS Monterey v.12.4

Hope someone can help!

I noticed this too. I’m on Mac with Monterey.
The only work around is to collapse the current affected pane, switch tools using a point and click on the toolbar and then the keyboard shortcuts will begin responding again. :man_facepalming:

Thank you - quicker than closing everything down - but far from ideal!

I was intending to officially report this bug but sometimes I find it easier just to tag @colin and get him to jab the developers!!

Thanks for doing that now! Glad I’m not the only one experiencing this issue!

Whilst I am here, there is another issue that has been bothering me… changing scale of drawings in windows. Does not always respond, which is irritating!

Yep. I know that too. Where you use the pulldown menu in the ‘Sketchup Model’ pane after having selected your viewport, Then you pick a new scale then, bam, nothing happens? No change. It sticks to the already set scale for some reason.
Go on, try me with another while we’re at it.

Nothing else at the mo! Hope these issues get fixed though.

I haven’t seen that problem. @Adam or @trent would know if it’s a known issue.