Undo (Command+Z) Command not working in Layout?

Anyone experiencing the “undo” command not working in Layout? I was having the issue last week before upgrading to 2019. Thought it was a new quirk with the older version. But just installed and started using Layout 2019 today. Alas, the undo comment is missing from the Edit > Pulldown menu from this version as well, and can’t be implemented using the key command either.
Wondering if it’s layout or something caused by Mac incompatibility. Eager for a solution or at least to know I’m not the only one?

Are you using Ctrl+Z or Command+Z?

There is a bug, on Catalina
Insert (content)
Save and close LayOut.
Open Document, again


Oops. Meant to say “Command+Z”.
I’m seeing that a subsequent reply acknowledges this issue. I recently upgrades to Catalina which aligns with the responders comment. Thanks!

Thanks Mike! Does this also explain why, when using the LINE tool, I can’t click out of the tool without a little “tail” extending beyond the last intended point of the line? This quirk started the same time the UNDO command went haywire.
Again, thanks!

clicking or dragging with the mouse?
I did not notice a change in the line tool…

How are you trying to stop drawing the line?

It looks like the issue causing the Undo / Redo bug is causing this same condition. So when entering a line (I am sure it will occur with other tools) and when trying to esc or spacebar or invoking another tool will force a mouse down (creating the little tail) to end the command.

I have verified that the same (and only) workaround on the above issue (save/close/reopen) will get LayOut back into its normal behavior for this condition as well.

We have reached out to Apple on this and hope to have some resolution soon.


Thanks Trent! Glad to know it’s an issue that’s been acknowledged and is being addressed. I’ll use the recommended workarounds in the meantime.
Your feedback is much appreciated!

I get the macOS betas, and the vanishing menu items problem is still true with the first beta of 10.15.2. Not that I was expecting it to be fixed, but it would have been a nice surprise!

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