Layout lost "Undo" & "Redo"

I just upgraded to MacOS Catalina yesterday, so I don’t know if this is a Layout or MacOS glitch, but Layout is losing the “Undo” and “Redo” commands. The menu bar is blank there, and the keyboard shortcuts do nothing. It happened this morning, so I closed Layout and reopened it, and the functions returned for a few minutes and now are gone again.

What version of LayOut? Your profile doesn’t say. (Please complete your profile so we don’t have to ask)

There have been numerous reports of issues with Catalina. The SketchUp and LayOut teams are working on updates to make SU/LO 2019 compatible with Catalina but at this point the general wisdom is to wait on upgrading the OS.

We are aware of LayOut’s undo/redo issue on Catalina. As @DaveR pointed out, we’re working on addressing these problems.

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I am on Pro 2019. I have never noticed the Profile section, but just updated my information there. Always a tough debate on downloading a new OS and enjoying the shiny new stuff versus taking the hits on glitches and bugs… Thanks.

Yeah. I get it. Probably it’s best to give the suppliers of your important software a chance to catch up.

Thanks for updating your profile.

Hi All, we currently have a bug in LayOut and macOS Catalina where using the File, Insert… will disable the Undo and Redo functions. Saving, closing then reopening the file will bring those functions back.

All available file types inserted via the File, Insert… pulldown are affected by this bug. These include: SketchUp models, all image types and dwg/dxf’s. The issue does not occur when using the Send to LayOut function from SketchUp or dragging and dropping the entity types straight into LayOut.

The only known workaround when using insert via the pulldown menu is to Insert, Save, close then reopen the file before working any further.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



added ‘knownissues’ and ‘catalina’ in tags

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Been making me crazy… glad its a known bug.

Is there a known time there should be a patch released?

This bug is killing my work. I find it extremely frustrating. It’s coming up on three months. Can you tell me when this will be fixed?

Hi all we understand your frustration and please know we are actively working on a solution for this. We hope to have resolution soon.


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Hello everyone, I wanted to let you know that we have a fix for this and is now available for download with the 2020 release.


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Hi Trent,

I have a classic license through my current work (SketchUp Pro 2019) so am unable to simply download the 2020 version. Is there any plans to fix this in 2019, as my work will not be willing to pay for a new version again.


when did they buy it? It comes with a year M&S plan, so maybe, you can upgrade?
There is no history of fixing old releases, since the software is sold as ‘As Is’

It was bought in August of last year, so that’s a possibility I hadn’t thought of. I will try, thank you! :slight_smile:

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Hello, has this been fixed yet? I have the same problem.

You can download an updated version using the above link.

So I’ll have to upgrade for it to be fixed?

As @MikeWayzovski wrote earlier, Trimble’s practice has always been to fix bugs only in the current release.

I don’t think this has been answered: Do you have to pay for the upgrade for the bug fix. Do you have a fix for 2019?