Possible Axes Locking Bug?


Attached is a small video clip showing the problem.

The Door swing was created using the Pie tool, then grouped. When I try to move it, I can lock the Red and Green Axes, but not the Blue. It gives the indication of a locked blue axes, but does not lock.

In the clip, I have shown the correct action using a standard face, created with the rectangle tool, then grouped. When I move this and lock the blue axis, it does indeed lock to the blue axis.

If anyone could shed light on this, it would be greatly appreciated.

It does not do it if I create the Door Swing from a Standard Arc.

Kind regards


Are you sure it’s a group, not a component with gluing properties?
Can you attach the model? I can’t reproduce the glue to effect that you are seeing.

groups which are created on a face have gluing properties, too, so it might be that you created it on a larger face?


Hi @Box

Definitely made it a group. Unfortunately I can’t attach the Model as I made the video using the model I’m working on and then deleted what I didn’t need, and it’s progressed since I made that Video.

When I hid the Floor Face (Group), and then recreated the Pie, it worked ok. I’m thinking that @MikeWayzovski might have hit the nail on the head. (Never knew that about Groups either. Every day is a learning day).

Normally when I do the Door Swings, I already have the floor as a Solid. But in this case, I only had a floor face when I did the Pie.


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