Won't rotate - locked plane

Hi - i have a standard door handle fixed to the doors in lots of my models - probably got it from the warehouse ages ago. but today i tried to fix it to a new door and it won’t rotate. I fixed one to the ‘closed’ door, but then when i copied it and tried to rotate it, to fix it on the ‘open’ door, it says ‘locked plane’ and the visual protractor shows up vertical only. pressing the top arrow key should make the protractor lay flat, but it doesn’t do anything…? is there a lock somewhere i need to know about?!
thanks in advance.

if you right click on it do you get the option to Unglue?
If so select it and you should be good to go.
Otherwise attach the model so we can see what you’ve got.

no, unglue is greyed out. I’ll cut the model down and send in a minute or two

model attached. in my plans i turn off ‘door closed’ and in my elevations i turn off ‘door open’ tags.
its just the way i roll!
door handle is stuck.skp (553.7 KB)

Maybe you weren’t burrowing in to the nested groups deeply enough?

I made a component of the pair of handles and used Move to rotate them about the center of the component.

You could be making good use of components here which would save you a lot of work.

I have no issues rotating it.


that’s really strange! it works now! both in my trimmed model (500kb as uploaded) and in the original file 50mb.
i actually use components all the time, and my single doors are built with Component Options for different leaf sizes (making them was fun :crazy_face:). But this is a double door, and they tend to be different every time in my world, so end up being made-to-order.